Conduct of basketball players and  officials displeases Sports Co-ordinator
Roxell John
February 23, 2024
Conduct of basketball players and officials displeases Sports Co-ordinator

The Basketball Competition of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College’s (SVGCC) Sports Programme, is providing the hierarchy of the tertiary institution with unwanted discomfort.

Revealing the displeasure with the conduct of players and coaches was Sports Coordinator of the SVGCC, Roxell John.

Not mincing his words, John vented his feelings and that of the directors when he gave brief remarks at the presentation ceremony of the 2024 edition of the competition on Friday February, 16, at the Villa Campus.

“We had games [in] which teams did not give their hearts… We had games in which teams came and just gave up the ghost before it was even started…They had teams defaulting games and this is not what we are about at the Community College”, John observed.

He noted that as a consequence of the low turn out of two outfits, they were forced to combine them into one.

As such, the Division of Technical and Vocational Education -DTVE Associates Combined, and the Combined Divisions teams were merged and played as DTVE Combined.

But more was to come as John revealed that the ill-discipline showed its ugly head, albeit in spurts, throughout the competition.

The situation warranted John and company to ban one player and to reprimand officials.

“ We had officials being asked to make sure their comments and behaviours are better.”

And, those present at the finals got an insight into John’s concerns as the ill discipline about which he was complaining was evident with players from both teams engaging in physical encounters that threatened the premature completion of the event.

John highlighted that the unwelcome conduct is having far-reaching effects.

“We have not been able to get the support from the individuals who give us the funding to get new kits,” John revealed with a tone of regret.

Expounding on the importance of the Basketball Competition to the college’s sporting calendar, John said “We want to have basketball… We want to continue to have basketball, We have invested heavily in basketball and for the college students primarily”.

Five teams- Playaz Basketball Academy; BlueChip Basketball Academy; DTVE Combined; Sports

Sciences;and the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies competed for honours in the 2024 SVGCC Invitational Basketball Competition.