Success will follow you – Deighton Butler
February 2, 2024
Success will follow you – Deighton Butler

Featured speaker at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Inc.’s 2023 Awards and Gala Dinner, Deighton Butler wants sportsmen and sportswomen not to chase success, instead proffering that “ success will find you”.

Addressing the gathering at the Comsports Facility, on January 13, 2024, Butler advised young cricketers to aim for the top.

“Success is looking for a cricketer right now who is willing to dedicate themselves, put in the hard work making themselves available- that success can establish itself in that person.”

But Butler underscored that while the process could be painstaking and arduous, it can be ultimately rewarding.

“The journey might be rough but when you are at the top, it’s better to eat at the top [because] at the bottom you just have to eat what you get …. At the top of the ladder where cricket is concerned…you have choices because at the bottom it is crowded,” Butler reasoned.

He highlighted that many young cricketers aspire to earn big money at the many franchise leagues across the globe, but advised that there is a pathway.

“ I know there is a lot of franchise cricket going on today, and everybody wants to play T/20 and T/10 cricket with the idea to make money, [but] we have to position ourselves to make sure [that] we are in position to grab these opportunities, but first, to represent the regional team.”

Butler is a former St Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Islands and West Indies player.

He has since transitioned into umpiring, where he officiates at regional cricket competitions.