Jayden George tops Handicap Squash event
Jayden George- handicap winner
November 3, 2023

Jayden George tops Handicap Squash event

Jayden George played undefeated when the SVG Squash Association staged a Handicap Tournament, last Thursday, October 26, at the National Squash Centre, Paul’s Avenue.

George, who came through the various phases unscathed, crowned off his evening by registering a 15-3 win over national senior player Jules Snagg.

For his efforts, George was laden with beverages compliments East Caribbean Bottlers Inc.

George was among 22 participants who sought honours on the evening in recognition of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ 44 th anniversary of political Independence.

Others who were blessed with beverages were Ciara George, Niara- Skye John, Zoe Martin, Savante Padmore, Aiden Defreitas, Ethan Webster, Kyle James and Jaydon Williams.

Delighted with the event, President of the SVG Squash Association noted: “The tournament went down well… We are pleased that we played our part as a sporting organisation, in recognizing our country’s Independence”.

Glasgow underscored that the tournament served a dual purpose.

“All proceeds from the event will be channelled towards the participation of George, Nadira Morgan and Jaydon Williams, who will represent St Vincent and the Grenadines at the US Junior Open in Philadelphia, USA, from December 16 to 19, this year”.