October 20, 2023
More Records Broken at Recent OECS Time Trials

Three national records were broken by Black Sands Swim Squad (BSSS) swimmers at the recent time trials hosted by the SVG Swimming Federation which was held on two consecutive weekends, October 6 – 7 and October 13 – 14.

In the boys 15-16 age group, Brandon George broke his own record in the 100 m backstroke by 1.55 seconds, swimming a time of 59.35 s. This also meant Brandon set a new open age group National record previously held by Matthew Ballah at 59.70 s.

Matthew Ballah got his name back into the record books, breaking the boys 13-14 years 50 m butterfly record. Previously held by Eltonte Leonard in a time of 26.90 s, Ballah set the new standard in a time of 26.47 s.

In the boys 9-10 age category, Kione Deshong, swimming in the 100 m breaststroke broke his own record, reducing his time from 1:25.69 s and setting a new National record of 1:24.90 s.

Swimming for Blue Marlins, in the boys eight years and under age category, Saj Caesar set a new National record in the 25 m butterfly. His record was previously held by Caghry Williams with a time of 17.09, Caesar reduced this to 16.96 s.

Seventy-one swimmers took part in the time trials, of which 47 were from BSSS and 24 from Blue Marlins.

Having completed the time trials, this has enabled the SVG Swimming Federation to select a team of 26 swimmers, 18 from BSSS and 8 from Blue Marlins. The competition is due to take place in St. Lucia from November 10 – 12, 2023.