North East Football League says ‘No’ to violent conduct
North East Football League Executive members: from left - Cartwright Franklyn (left), Otashie Spring (centre) and Johnny Noel( General Secretary)
August 11, 2023

North East Football League says ‘No’ to violent conduct

The Executive of the North East Football League (NEFL) has reiterated its stance on violence of any form, during the hosting of its competitions.

This, after a ban was placed on two players, and a suspended sentence on the Chapmans and Greiggs teams.

The ban and pending suspensions were decisions taken last Monday, August 7, at a hearing over an incident in the Village tournament at the Chili Playing Field, on July 30, 2023.

During the match which featured Greiggs and Chapmans Village, a fight broke out, resulting in two players being banned for the remainder of the league, with the two teams placed “under probationary warning”.

A release from the NEFL states: “Upon hearing all reports from the relevant parties and analysing video evidence, the members of Disciplinary Committee and Executive Body of the North East Football League have concluded that #15 Roheem Daniel of the Greggs Village football team and #19 Miles Abraham of Chapmans Village football team were deemed to have conducted themselves in an unsportsmanlike and ill-disciplined manner, brining disrepute to the game and the image of the League.”

The release added: “A maximum of a five-year ban is now in play should either teams partake in a repeat of such event”.

Given the intent to nip all potential escalation of disruptions, the NEFL affirmed, “A zero-tolerance position is in effect against violent conduct by teams, officials and fans during the duration of tournament”.