Greiggs Football Competition welcomed
Raffique Mc Dowald, one of the main organisers of the competition
May 19, 2023

Greiggs Football Competition welcomed

A full 11 versus 11 Football competition is in full swing at the Antoine Playing Field in Lauders.

Organised by the Greiggs Football League in conjunction with the Greiggs Football Club, the competition features seven clubs.

The participating clubs are Greiggs FC, Diamonds Sparta, Brownstown, Awesome, Richland Park Pride and Joy, SV United and Glenside Ball Blazers.

Raffique Mc Dowald, one of the main organisers of the competition, explained to SEARCHLIGHT the genesis behind the league.

“We as the Greiggs Football League, which is basically Greiggs Football Club wanted to find a way to bring Football to the youths by providing an opportunity to develop themselves and the sport, so we decided to start this competition,” Mc Dowald outlined.

Welcomed by the communities in South Central Windward, Mc Dowald disclosed that the field can accommodate a full 11 versus 11.

“ Before, we would have had some small sided competitions on the Greiggs Central Playing Field, but we chose Lauders because for years the field has been just lying there and not being fully utilized, hence the youths can get to play proper Football ,” Mc Dowald expounded.

Matches in the Caesar’s Real Estate sponsored competition are played on Wednesdays, Thursdays and on weekends.

The competition format will see the four top teams emerging from the preliminaries advancing to the semi- finals; and the competition is expected to be completed by the middle of June.

At stake for the winning team is $1,500, with the second place earning $1,000 and third place- $500.

These go along with trophies and other rewards.