SVG Sailing  Association gets new coaches/instructors
April 21, 2023

SVG Sailing Association gets new coaches/instructors

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing Association (SVGSA), now has three Level Two coaches and five Level One instructors.

Tegan Deane, Mia Bailey and Scarlett Hadley are the Level Two coaches; while Aliyah Forde, Lorna Bacchus, Vanessa Hadley, Jennifer Deane and Lisa Gaymes are the Level One instructors.
They were certified following a six day course for females conducted by Coach Hannah Stodel, at the Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina.

The April 11-16 course was done in conjunction with World Sailing’s Steering the Course initiative.

Course facilitator- Stodel, four-time World Champion and a three- time paralympian said she is hopeful that the participants go beyond competitive Sailing.

“ From the course, they can do behind the scenes work, like get involved in management, race committees, run regattas and do whatever this wonderful sport has to offer”, Stodel said.