SVGFF secures US$400k for Technical  Center Facelift
SVG Football Federation headquaters
January 27, 2023
SVGFF secures US$400k for Technical Center Facelift

The Technical Center at Brighton, under lease care of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), is positioned to get a facelift, thanks to funding procured through the FIFA Foundation Recovery Programme.

A successful application by the SVGFF to the programme on November, 11, 2022, followed by a presentation to the Chair of the Foundation, by president of the SVGFF, Carl Dickson on November, 19, paved the way for the realization the funding.

Carl Dickson

This means that the SVGFF will have at its disposal, a further US$400,000.00, (EC$1.075m) to enhance the facilities, namely rehabilitation work and lighting.

Outlining the planned use of the funds, Dickson told SEARCHLIGHT “We really pushed for this as it is a medium-term solution to the unavailability of the Victoria Park at times, and the under-lighting issues now that we are broadcasting our games (Premier Division) live”.

Seeing light in the proverbial tunnel, Dickson advised that 500 Lux of lights will be installed at the Brighton Playing Field, and said, “it will six and a half times brighter than at the Victoria Park”.

Dickson, also revealed that the dilapidated building located on the compound will be restored with the addition of another floor, to accommodate a gym and equipment for national team players, a conference room, and other amenities.

Giving more details, Dickson related that “In the renovation of the building as well, we will be able to make some accommodation for teams, inclusive of wash room facilities and change rooms to accommodate teams playing at the venue”.

The planned upgrade is set to commence at the end of February, and, barring any delays, will be completed by the end of August this year.

Dickson thus underscored that the conceptualization of the project, and the realization of the funds, are elements of the positive narrative of his tenure that commenced in November, 2019.

“ It is another of my executive’s major accomplishments and dovetails much of the previous highs that administratively, the sport has been experiencing locally,” Dickson said.

The basis of the funding, hinged on the eruptions of La Soufriere volcano in April, 2021, and the ravages caused, including shifts in the population.

Thus, the SVGFF was given the good news of the approval of its request last December, when Head of FIFA Foundation- Administration, Manana Manus, informed the general secretary of the SVGFF, Devron Poyer.

Outlining the process of the draw down of the funds, Manus indicated that “The FIFA Foundation will proceed with the release of an initial amount of US$ 100,000 to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation to initiate the project and cover the cost of the reconstruction of the pertinent football infrastructure…A remaining amount of up to a maximum of US$300,000 may be paid in separate, controlled instalments following the submission of all relevant project contracts and documentation, as well as interim reporting by the SVGFF on the utilisation of funds”.

The Technical Center at Brighton, is composed of a building that supports the SVGFF technical programmes, as well as dormitories for national teams in training.

Additionally, the playing field is used for the training of the teams, and most recently, since its EC$900,000 upgrade, has been hosting matches in the 2022/2023 National Club Championships.

The construction of the Technical Centre was the first Goal Project carried out by the SVGFF.

The latest news of the further enhancements of the Technical Centre, comes after the visit of FIFA officials last July, to have a first hand look at the proposed site of the Football Stadium at Cane Grove.

Through access funding from the FIFA Forward Programme, the SVGFF, in 2021, completed the purchase of five acres of land, at a cost of EC$ 2.4 million.