Three staff members of Virgin Atlantic, flanked by three young sailors
December 23, 2022
Virgin Atlantic offers discounted airfares to SVG Sailing Association

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing Association (SVGSA) says it will be better able to carry out some aspects of its programme, having been assured of assistance from Virgin Atlantic.

Through the initiative dubbed , “ Passport to Change”, the SVGSA says it will enjoy discounted airfares from the airline whenever personnel of the association are using tje airline to travel to Sailing events.

Excited about the potential benefits from the partnership with Virgin Atlantic, president of the SVGSA, Jenny Trumble said: “ We warmly welcome the support of global brand like Virgin Atlantic.”

She assessed that the reduced airfares will make it easier for St Vincent and the Grenadines to have a presence at championships, especially in Europe.

Additionally, Trumble noted that the discounted airfares will facilitate her association being better positioned to invite coaches here or having coaches travel to England.

And, Virgin Atlantic has already left its imprint on local Sailing, with the branding of the boat “ Lady Paradise”.