Two rural sports clubs receive assistance through the Vita Malt brand
December 9, 2022

Two rural sports clubs receive assistance through the Vita Malt brand

Two sports entities are the beneficiaries of recent donations made by the St. Vincent Brewery Limited under its Vita Malt brand.

The recipients are Country Roots Volleyball club of Dickson Village, and High-performance Sports club of Central Leeward.

A release issued on behalf of the Campden Park-based manufacturing entity states that the donations were used to purchase uniforms for the teams, and to reconnect the floodlights at the Hard Court located in Dickson Village. This will allow the hosting of evening matches and the staging of various fundraising events.

Country Head, ABI (St.Vincent Brewery Limited), Shafia London attended both hand over events and interacted with some of the young persons present.

At the High-performance Sports club hand over event she encouraged the young people to stay positive and to continue excelling in sports as many opportunities exist for career paths through this medium.

She expressed pleasure that Vita malt is part of their development and encouraged them to be great ambassadors of the brand in all aspects of their lives.

Around eight teams were present at the event held to introduce the Country Roots Volleyball Team to the Dickson community, some of them being visiting volleyball clubs

Alicia Glasgow of the Country Roots Volleyball club, spoke about the various plans for the future of the club to expand beyond Volleyball. She said that her “community is sports based with many talented persons in other areas of sports such as netball, soccer, cricket to name a few”.

Noting the absence of events being hosted in the community, she welcomed the return of the lights which had been disconnected for many years.

She said members of the community are enthusiastic about them “putting a bit more life“, or in the words of the St. Vincent Brewery, “vitalize the community” through sports, fun day activities and grass roots programmes that will keep the young people engaged as opposed to liming on the block.

Glasgow expressed gratitude to the Vita Malt brand and said they hope to have a continued relationship with the St.Vincent Brewery Limited.