FROM LEFT: Aaron Clarke of Georgetown and Elena Glynn of Bequia taking their Black belt exams under the watchful eyes of ISKF examiners- Sensei Ivo Providence, Sensei Selwyn Gibson and Sensei Peter Warren
December 6, 2022
Bequia Karatekas complete exam

KARATEKAS ON Bequia will receive their new belts and certificates next Sunday, December 11 following the completion of their exams on the mainland on Saturday, December 3.

It was regarded as a special day for the St Vincent Karate Association as the students of the St Vincent and Bequia Kiai Karate Schools took their exams at the purpose built dojo in Arnos Vale in the hope of being promoted to their next rank.

The St Vincent Karate Association is officially affiliated to the ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation) and teaches the traditional ethics of Shotokan Karate – an Oriental Martial Art.

Information from the Kiai Karate School indicate that the last few years have not been easy and were at times demoralizing for the karatekas to navigate through the Covid restrictions.

However, through the determination and dedication of their instructor, Sensei Gibson, they never gave up.

Several parents are said to have turned out to support their children.

There were two fathers and their respective sons in the Bequia school training together and taking their exam together.

The information shared points out further that involvement from parents and family is something that the school strongly encourages.

The students took their exam under the stern and vigilant eyes of three ISKF examiners- Sensei Peter Warren who flew in especially from Barbados, Sensei Ivo Providence, and Sensei Selwyn Gibson.

The students are getting the unique opportunity to develop physical and mental skills in learning the art of Karate from qualified Instructor Sensei Gibson who himself started practising at the tender age of six years and was taught by some of the greatest Masters in Japan, including the founders’ successor, Master Teruyuki Okazaki.

The school also has welcomed its newest and youngest member, five year old Nicolai Ollivierre.

Regular classes are held in St Vincent and Bequia and open to all from five years and up.

Aaron Clarke of Georgetown and Elena Glynn of Bequia attained their black belt, officially 1st Dan level after many years of disciplined training.

”To seek perfection of character and “endeavor” are some of the key words in the essence of karate teaching.

The happy bunch of Karatekas who boarded the ferry back to Bequia are now looking forward to their certificates and belts to be awarded at a ceremony next Sunday, December 11 at the dojo in Port Elizabeth from 11:00 a.m -12 noon.

The Kiai Karate School has extended thanks to all sponsors and in particular the “Grenadines Initiative” for their financial assistance.