Team Athletics SVG starts Print Rich schools’ initiative
Students at the Clare Valley Primary School involved in painting their compound as part of the Print- Rich Project
December 2, 2022
Team Athletics SVG starts Print Rich schools’ initiative

Team Athletics SVG continues to play its part in the promotion of physical literacy here in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

As such, the national Track and Field body has embarked on a Print Rich Project, whereby paintings will be done on various areas on the compound of schools with the aim of enhancing physical well being among children especially.

In addition, the project seeks to engage children in developing refined skills by allowing them to print their ideas, develop fundamental skills with little structure to play and socialize with friends and even teachers. The project also aims to assist in physical development as well as the development of numeracy and literacy through fun-filled activities.

It is also the objective of the project to create structured and unstructured competitions among students, whilst establishing partnerships with schools and promoting sports and free play for children in the school.

The Clare Valley Primary School is the first to have the project roll out on its compound, and according to reports, it has been well received.

A release from Team Athletics SVG, revealed that the organisation is in the process of seeking financial assistance for the project and other undertakings through the Grant for Growth Funding.

It has also been made known that the Layou Government School is next in line to have its compound painted as the Print Rich Schools Project takes root.