FIBA Instructor slam dunks CBC for neglect of youth
May 20, 2022
FIBA Instructor slam dunks CBC for neglect of youth

FIBA INSTRUCTOR,Nelson Isley did not sugar coating his feelings as he chided the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) for its lack of attention to youth tournaments.

Isley made his feelings known during a two- day Basketball workshop for Physical Education teachers, parents and others who want to introduce the sport to young children.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT Isley, an American said: “I think that the Youth Tournaments are more important than the senior championships”.

“ It is really worrying to me that you never see any of the Caribbean countries participate in the FIBA Americas Youth Championships which classifies four teams for the World Tournament,” he lamented.

He pointed out that the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are the regular entrants to the championships.

Cognistant that finance is an issue for the CBC to regular host youth championships, Isley nevertheless said he believes that with greater effort and commitment there can be a turnaround.

“ A solution should be sorted out … If I were the CBC, if I were to give them advice I would say come up with money some way , somehow, find a venue where a lot of countries can get there relatively cheap and host the tournament… Host one of those Under-15, Under-16 Under- 17 Caribbean Championships, so you can tell FIBA America that we have a representative that can go to Centro Basket”.

Reiterating the significance of youth tournaments, Isley warned that, “If you don’t give the kids in the Caribbean at a young age the opportunity to participate against international competition then you will never have a senior team that is capable of going on to the Olympic Games or the World Cup”.