Young karatekas test Kata skills
(Left to Right) Azalea Cox, Girls 7 and Under, Kata winner, Amiyah Bascombe, Girls 13 and Under, Kata winner and Mc Quinn Mockett, Boys 13 and Under, Kata winner
May 13, 2022
Young karatekas test Kata skills

Ten young karatekas showed off their Kata skills last Saturday morning, May 7, at the the Belmont Apartments Conference Event Centre (BACE).

In the end, there could have been three winners.

Trumping in the Girls 7 and Under category was Azalea Cox . She outpointed Cahya Bascombe, 16.0 to 15.0.

But it was a closer contest in the Girls 13 and Under, as Amiyah Bascombe edged out Mowriyah Dallaway, 16.6 to 16.4, to take the title.

The tale was similar in the Boys 13 and Under, with Mc Quinn Mockett gaining 22.6 points to win from Darius Humphrey, who accumulated 22.4 points.

Completing the list of participants were Jonathan Wood, Levi Burnette, Israel Lotmore and Kirani Cain, who were part of the Boys 13 and Under age category.

Next on the agenda of the Hairouna Karate Federation (HKF), will be the Kumite Championships which take place at BACE, and will involve the 7 and Under and the 13 and Under karatekas. The Kumite Championships are slated for May 28.