April 22, 2022
THE REAL McCoy: A lesson for youth

by Renwick Rose

Rising West Indies cricket pacer, Obed McCoy gave a practical lesson to all aspiring youngsters, in sport or in other aspects, on Easter Monday during his debut in the high-profile Indian Premier League (IPL).

One year ago, Obed, who carries the hopes and aspirations of Vincentians for international stardom, was seen in West Indies cricket circles as central to Caribbean prominence. Then, his bugbear of injury stepped in and he has been sidelined for the last six months, a most frustrating experience.

Fortunately, his on-field deeds spoke for him, and though inactive, he was drafted into this year’s IPL, the most prestigious T/20 tournament, for the Rajasthan Royals, albeit on a much lower-paying contract compared to most of his Caribbean colleagues. But he had to sit out the first five matches and wait his turn. Then, when it came on Monday, following a tight opening over, he went “for runs” in his next two.

His final over presented him with his biggest challenge, for the opposing Kolkata Knight Riders needed only 11 runs to win in the final six balls from Obed with two wickets in hand. Ominously, Obed replaced the experienced New Zealander, Trent Boult a left-armer like himself who had conceded 20 runs in his last over. It was left to the debutant McCoy, just back after six months of inactivity to win it for his franchise.

He kept his calm and in the space of four balls took the two remaining wickets to give the Royals victory and second place in the standings. What a remarkable debut! But above all his message to all aspirants, in cricket as in life was clearly spelt out. It is “Grab the opportunity when it arises”.

Congrats Obed, the real McCoy!