Jules Anthony Cricket Club receives sponsorship
Carlos James
March 4, 2022
Jules Anthony Cricket Club receives sponsorship

A cricket sponsorship of full uniforms and equipment, with a value of EC$5,000 was handed over to the Jules Anthony Cricket Club and by extension, the Carlos James MSDA Jules Anthony Northern Stars cricket team.

The donation. made possible through through a joint sponsorship between James, Parliamentary Representative for North Leeward and Vincentian Entrepreneur Mark Audain of MSDA Cricket LLC – a sports apparel company in the USA was handed over at a short ceremony on Tuesday, March 1 2022 at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex, a release states.

Speaking at the ceremony on behalf of the sponsors, James said the sponsorship forms part of a broader initiative to support sport development in the North Leeward Constituency and will see an overall investment of approximately EC$10,000 over the
next five years.

“We are hoping to provide support to other sporting disciplines including track and field, netball, basketball and football within North Leeward,” the minister said.

A large part of the initiative will be the launching of a sports outreach programme to provide support to star athletes attending both primary and secondary schools in the constituency.

He noted that due to the absence of sports at the community and school level resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic the community continues to lose talented athletes, some of whom are not covered within social safety-nets.

“Our sports outreach programme will allow us to ensure our athletes are provided with the necessary mentorship and other support that complements their academic and sporting development,” James said.

Meanwhile, Audain said via video that he is a product of North Leeward cricket team which is the reason why he gives back to the community that he loves dearly.

Captain of Northern Stars and President of the Jules Anthony Cricket Club, Elron Lewis thanked minister James and Audain for their dedicated sponsorship over the years. The Northern Stars male and female uniforms, which were designed by MSDA Cricket will be used for participation in all competitions hosted by the SVG Cricket Association beginning in April, Lewis said.

Also present at the handing over were other members of the Jules Anthony Cricket Club.