Hairouna Karate Federation kicks off 2022 calendar
Claude Bascombe Jr, president of the Hairouna Karate Federation
January 28, 2022
Hairouna Karate Federation kicks off 2022 calendar

The Hairouna Karate Federation (HKF), last Saturday, successfully hosted its first Tournament Officials Seminar.

The seminar, which was done via Zoom, saw a total of 16 persons attending from the three clubs of the federation: SVG IKD Shotokan Karate Club, Shotokan-Ryu Karate, and the Seishin Karate Club.

The participants were introduced to the modalities of World Karate Federation (WKF) Karate, Kata and Kumite and covered the judging and scoring criteria.

Focus though was on accuracy and recording of scores and timings, while effectively reading referee signals.

Claude Bascombe Jr, certified Pan-American Karate Federation Kata and Kumite Judge C and president of the Hairouna Karate Federation, was the seminar’s facilitator.

This was the first in a series of three seminars scheduled for the first quarter of the calendar year. The second and third seminars will cover competition kata, and competition kumite respectively and will cater primarily for athletes, judges, and coaches.