January 14, 2022
Blue Marlins extending to Union Island

The Blue Marlins Swim Club will soon launch its Union Island chapter thus extending the club’s reach from its base on the mainland.

That is the revelation of head coach, Rickydene Alexander who outlined the reasoning behind the establishment on the Grenadine island.

“ I am from Union Island… I am based there now as the Sports Officer for the Southern Grenadines, so it is a way of giving back to my community in a sense”, Alexander told SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday.

To be rolled out in a couple of weeks, Alexander revealed that both the fresh water pool and the sea will be utilised.

“ We will be using both the beaches at Richmond and at Campbell, along with the pool facility at Kings Landing Hotel “, Alexander disclosed.

The head coach who was one of the leading persons behind the formation of the Blue Marlins Swim Club back in 2003, believed it is opportune for the sport to take root on the island.

“ Youngsters on the island are natural swimmers and it is mainly about putting the formalities to their abilities”, Alexander commented.

He noted that the overall intentions are to teach swimming as a sport as well as a life skill.

The extension of the Blue Marlins Club will dovetails with other formal swimming activities on the island.
Through the instrumentality of Alexander swimming will become part of the Physical Education programme at the Union Island Secondary School, while the Stephanie Browne Primary and the Mary Hutchinson Primary, will soon get a restart to their swimming programmes.