Zefal Bailey relishes Panama outing
Zefal Bailey
December 3, 2021
Zefal Bailey relishes Panama outing

Vincentian cyclist Zefal Bailey is relishing the golden opportunity he got last week to compete in Panama, as part of a US team, Primal Audi Denver.

Bailey, thus was a member of the team that finished tenth in the six-stage championships, which ran from November 24 to 28.

Despite the grueling nature of the event, Bailey said that racking up over 300 miles in six days, packs on race mileage going into the new year.

“Covering 359 miles in six stages is good preparation for me for the 2022 season,” Bailey analysed.

He however explained that his fitness was not what it ought to be, as this time of year is the off season for csycling in the Caribbean.
Reports are that Bailey could be in for some bigger things in 2022, should the plans come to fruition.