Congrats to Ezra Hendrickson
Ezra Hendrickson
December 3, 2021
Congrats to Ezra Hendrickson

by Renwick Rose

SEARCHLIGHT adds our congratulations to the outstanding son of the soil, Ezra Hendrickson of Layou, who has now topped up an outstanding career on the football field, by being appointed as Head Coach for a professional football club in the US Major League Soccer (MLS), the Chicago Fire.

Hendrickson was interviewed by NBC radio earlier this week in an interactive programme which enabled fans and supporters to add their congratulations on such an outstanding achievement. The responses clearly indicated the high regard in which he is held by his fellow- Vincentians.

What was particularly impressive was his response to the question of his willingness to use his position to recruit promising Vincentian footballers for his team. While expressing his desire to look out for compatriots, Hendrickson reminded his listeners that as a responsible coach he also must abide by his professional responsibilities. Thus, it will not just be the origin of would-be aspirants, but also their level of discipline and commitment to undergo the rigours of training including in such unfavourable conditions as may occur in winter for example.

It demonstrates the level of maturity of this former national captain and augurs well for his continued success.