SVGOC’s presidential candidates have their say
Left to Right: Vanburn Harry , Stephen Joachim & Wayne Williams
November 12, 2021
SVGOC’s presidential candidates have their say

The three persons who have put their names in the hat to become the next president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee (SVGOC), have all listed areas which they will attend to, should they get the nod.

Vanburn Harry

Harry, who is the president of the SVG Taekwondo Association and the vice–president of Archery Association SVG, has framed his campaign on three themes: Innovation, Good Governance and Equity.

Among his highlight areas of governance, Harry plans to make known to all affiliates and give accountability for the expenses of the SVGOC, as well as involve the affiliates in the decision-making process.

According to Harry, “The SVGOC needs a high standard of governance… The current core of the executive (President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Treasurer) has held their positions for multiple terms and yet the organization has seemingly fallen into an unprogressive state, with lack of accountability and transparency”.

Harry added: “We must not be fearful of change but embrace it at every opportunity to effect positive and progressive transformation… It is definitely time for a change that will usher in a reformed and revitalized SVGOC”.

Harry served as a trustee of the SVGOC, from 2017 to the present.

Stephen Joachim

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Swimming Federation since 2013, a former president of the SVG Squash Association and a trustee of the SVGOC from 2013 to 2017, Joachim has a 12- point plan to better the operations of the SVGOC.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Joachim has among his priorities, better accountability of the organisation’s financial resources.

Thus, Joachim, if elected, will produce regular financial statements to the General Council and the Executive Council; improve reporting on all SVGOC spending and report on all trips taken by executive on SVGOC business.

In addition, Joachim will improve communication with affiliates and look into improving the SVGOC administrative support to all national federations.

Joachim also proposes to host semi-annual meetings of the general council and hold the Annual General Meeting of the SVGOC, when it is constitutionally due.

When the SVGOC held its elections in 2017, Joachim was defeated by Trevor Bailey, 10-7.

Wayne Williams

A former president of the SVG Basketball Federation, Williams, who is the outgoing vice-president of the SVGOC, having served since 2012, also wants to see a change to the status quo.

Like the other two candidates, Williams is campaigning on change and the need for greater transparency and accountability.

As it pertains to the latter, if elected, Williams promises the production of financial statement using international accounting standards; annual audits, as well as all original documents must be kept for at least eight years.

He also wants affiliates to have the privilege at any time, to demand access to all documents for an independent auditor appointed by Olympic Solidarity, be it during the monitoring procedures or for whatever reason.

Williams’ other checks and balances include presentation of accounts showing the use of the funds allocated by Olympic Solidarity for all the programmes; funding for Olympic Solidarity programmes must follow the procedures stipulated by the world and continental programme guidelines and that the adherence of the SVGOC to the financial statues of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Williams is also proposing the improvement of the delivery of reports to members on a timely basis and show the funds each affiliate receives from SVGOC.

The SVGOC will hold its Special General Meeting today, from 6 pm at Hotel Alexandrina