Vincentians invited to learn the sport of Archery
TRACK COACH, Michael Ollivierre getting some Archery tutelage from Sorenya Miller
October 22, 2021
Vincentians invited to learn the sport of Archery

VINCENTIANS HAVE another sport at their disposal, the sport of Archery. And, the executive of the Archery Association St Vincent and the Grenadines is inviting persons from all ages to join the fraternity to try their skills.

SANJAY JIANDANI, President of the Archery Association of SVG

At a media launch last Tuesday at the Media Centre of the Arnos Vale Playing Field, president of the association, Sanjay Jiandani, threw out the invitation for persons to come forward and learn the rudiments of Archery.

“The sport is something we believe that is extremely exciting, it’s fun… It is ideal for recreation and competition … It is going to be a process for us, but we are confident that the sport will grow,” Jiandani urged.

Jiandani confirmed that already there are over 50 persons who have joined the sport, but are looking forward to have more.

“We have already had a lot of members, young and old,” he mentioned Jiandani noted however, that some persons may be apprehensive about the implements involved and readily attach fear.

Jiandani, though, put to rest those concerns.

“A lot of people have misconception because you are shooting a projectile. It might be dangerous, but it is pretty safe… Safety is the number one issue for us,” he assured.

Continuing his promotion, Jiandani affirmed, “The thing about Archery, it is considered one of the safest sport in the world … It is ranked the second safest sport in the world … The sport is governed by steps … It is all controlled by the person who is controlling the range”.

Jiandani, who has been spearheading the introduction of the sport, said that the idea to have Archery introduced to St Vincent and the Grenadines, was hatched three years ago in Colombia, when he saw two Caribbean countries competed in Archery.

He disclosed, from there on, the necessary steps were taken for St Vincent and the Grenadines to be part of World Archery, and have the sport introduced here.

“We are finally here after three years of planning, preparing and getting ourselves ready… The process has been complete and we are now in position to start training coaches and get people ready to come out and shoot,” Jiandani reported.

St Vincent and the Grenadines thus became a full member of World Archery on September 17, this year, paving the way for more forward movement of the sport.

Persons wishing to join the sport can do so by email: