Durrant confirms masters’ status with more wins
MASTERS’ BOSS – Peter Durrant (left) gets one of his awards from Wayne Williams of the SVGOC
September 17, 2021
Durrant confirms masters’ status with more wins

VETERAN CYCLIST Peter Durrant remained at the top of the masters podium, when he trumped both events last Saturday and Sunday, when the SVG Cycling Union held its National Championships.

Durrant, on Saturday morning, was the first in his category to reach Kings Hill in the 5-mile Time Trial, which started at the ET Joshua Airport tarmac. His winning time was 16:15.08.

Leaving to trail him were Martin Bollers, in a time of 16:51.76; Carlos Rivas, 17:24.05, while Orel George was fourth in 19:29.71.

Then on Sunday, Durrant outlasted the field in the 43-mile road race. He was the first to reach the finish line at Villa Flat, after riding from Bentick Square to Colonarie then to the Arnos Vale Round About.

Durrant’s winning time was 2:21.40, while George and Carlos Rivas were second and the third, respectively. Both times were given as 2:37.58. Bollers clocked 2:45.26, to end outside of the podium.

For good measure, Durrant also won both primes, as he was the first to reach the special location.

It meant also that Durrant has won all local races thus far in 2021.