Coaches better for new knowledge in Sailing
FROM LEFT – Lila Banfield, Aaliah Forde, Fransisco Mitchell, and Drew Mitchell
September 10, 2021
Coaches better for new knowledge in Sailing

THE 15 COACHES who participated in a six-day training course last week at the Blue Lagoon Marina, have all agreed that they are better served in the sport of Sailing.

Among them were Lila Banfield, Aaliah Forde, Fransisco Mitchell and Drew Mitchell, who shared their impressions with SEARCHLIGHT last Friday. Banfield, who hails from the mainland, assessed: “Through this course, I have learnt a lot and I am an improved sailor”.

Another of the female participants, Forde noted, “I came here to attend a technical course for coaches, and I must say that I have learnt a lot within days, more than I have done throughout my six years of sailing”.

Forde added, “The knowledge that I have gained here from the facilitators, I plan to apply it at my Sailing Club, hoping to get more girls especially involved in the sport”. Meanwhile, Fransisco Mitchell of Canouan indicated, “To be honest, this course was a challenge, [but] I have learnt quite a bit, [so] I plan to share my knowledge from the course to the rest of my club”.

Likewise, Drew Mitchell of Bequia commented, “I have learnt a lot and plan to present what I have learnt, so that I can be better in Sailing and help others to reach the stage which I am”.

Reflecting on the course, Drew Mitchell related that apart from the expertise of the facilitators, he was able to learn from fellow participants.

The course, which was designed for the coaches to then impart their knowledge to their respective locales, had as its main facilitator, Rob Holden of World Sailing.

Holden was assisted by Jennifer Trumble, President of the SVG Sailing Association.

The six-day course was funded by Olympic Solidarity, through the SVG Olympic Committee.