BCBA fuelling GHS’ hardcourt upgrade
The adjustable hoops in use at the GHS hard court during a Basketball training in session
August 24, 2021
BCBA fuelling GHS’ hardcourt upgrade

The Blue-Chip Basketball Academy (BCBA) is the point-guard spearheading the move to have some of the facilities at the Girls’ High School hard court upgraded.

With much of the bureaucratic hurdles sorted, the hierarchy of the BCBA, is ready to roll out the project.

Founder and Director of the BCBA, Kishon Bishop, outlined recently: “We have been able to do the admin work, the paperwork, the red tape work, that is required to do so and we have an estimate and we will break ground on this project pretty soon”.

Being specific, Bishop disclosed: “We are beginning a developmental project at the Girls’ High School hard court… We are beginning with a re-fencing project”.

Prior to the major undertaking of fencing, the BCBA last month installed brand new adjustable hoops at the venue.

The installation of the hoops is part of a soon to be launched “Little Dribblers programme”.

Since its inception four years ago, the BCBA has made the Girls ‘High School hard court the base for its operation and has adopted the Girls’ High School as one of it’s sources for player recruitment.

The mission of the BCBA is to provide quality professional basketball training for young children who possess the aspiration to transition to elite players at all levels of competition.