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NACAC director of coaches and camps appointed

NACAC director of coaches and camps appointed
Vincentian Chester Morgan, appointed as NACAC director of coaches and camps

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The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC), has appointed Vincentian Chester Morgan, as its director of coaches and camps.

Morgan, who is Team Athletics SVG’s technical director, has already begun to fulfill his appointment by embarking on a comprehensive review of the coaches’ database.

Previously, the NACAC secretariat had requested updates of their own coaches’ databases, so that the Development Department would be in a position to commence discussions on the respective coaching needs of the area.

Since his appointment, Morgan has started the planning of the NACAC coaches’ pathway, to ensure that the programme stays within the framework of the broader development strategies of World Athletics and NACAC.

In his capacity, Morgan will be an integral part of the NACAC Development Commission and has to engage in monthly meetings with the World Athletics Development Department.