Left to Right: Eltonique Leonard, Mya De Freitas, Kenale Alleyne & Belle Adams
March 5, 2021
Leonard and De Fretias star at Swim Championships

The Black Sand Swim Squad duo of Eltonique Leonard and Mya De Freitas were the two stand-out performers, when the 2021 Gallagher Invitational Swim Championships ended last Sunday at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre, Ratho Mill.

Between the two, they accounted for seven new records at the championships.

Leonard accounted for four records in the girls’ 9-10, overturning the times set in the 200m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke and the 100m butterfly.

In the 200m backstroke, the new record stands at 3 minutes 03.25 seconds, while the 50m breaststroke record is 40.75 seconds. Leonard also registered a best times in that age group of 3 minutes 17.99 seconds in the 200m breaststroke and 1 minute 22.87 seconds in the 100m butterfly.

Leonard’s performance earned her the individual champion, tallying 13 points.

Meanwhile, De Freitas’ exploits were in the girls’ 15 – 16 age category. De Freitas is now the record holder in the 200m freestyle (2 minutes 13.98 seconds), the 400m freestyle, which has a new mark of 4 minutes 48.86 seconds and she lowered the 800m freestyle to 9 minutes 47. 05 seconds. De Freiats championed the age division with 113 points and added the 13 and over sprint challenge championship to her collection.

Two records were set in the 8 and Under age group, as Kione De Shong is the holder of the 100m breaststroke, with a clock-stopping time of 1 minute 50.80 seconds, while Caghary Williams’ 46.84 seconds is the best time in the 50m breaststroke. Williams also secured the 8 and Under individual title, as well as the sprint challenge championship.

Also adding her name to the records list was Jamie Joachim, who has the girls’ 13 – 14 100 backstroke in her grasp, when she timed 1 minute 11.70 seconds. Staying with the 13- 14 girls age group, Kevern Da Silva record the new best of 2 minutes 39. 28 seconds in the 200m backstroke.

Joachim was declared her age group winner with 106 points.

Tia Gun Munro reset the girls’ 15-16 200m breaststroke to 3 minutes 00.93 seconds and Kenale Alleyne swam his way to a record in the boys’ 15-16, when he did 2 minutes 23.71 second in the 200m backstroke. Not done, Alleyne, copped the 15 and over male championship and was the 13 and over sprint challenge champion.

Others to secure titles during the championships which spanned two weekends, were Belle Adams, who was the girls’ 8 and Under champion; Tyler Robinson was the boys’ 9-10 champion, while Kathryn Cumberbatch won the girls’ 11-12 title and Seth Byron was crowned champion of the boys’ 11-12. Brandon George was the boys’ 13-14 champion.

And, rounding up individual accolades were Zariel Nelson, the girls’ 9-12 sprint challenge champion and Matthew Ballah, the boys’ 9-12 sprint challenge champion.

Of all the winners, only Williams and Adams are from the Blue Marlins Swim Club, with the other coming from the Black Sands Swim Squad.

When the points were counted, it showed Black Sands Swim Squad on 2017, Blue Marlins Swim Club on 84 points and South Lake Aquatic put together 36 points.