WI teams languish in ICC’s rankings table
May 8, 2020

WI teams languish in ICC’s rankings table

West Indies men’s team is eighth on the International Cricket Council’s test table and is ninth in both the ODI and Twenty/20 list, when the rankings were released last Friday.

In test, the regional side is only better than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Ireland, in that order.

Meanwhile, ahead of the West Indies in ODIs are England ( no.1), India – (no.2), New Zealand (no.3), South Africa (no.4), and Australia (no.5).

Thereafter are Pakistan is sixth place, Bangladesh in seventh and Sri Lanka is eighth.

As reigning 20/20 championships, the West Indies though has to settle also for ninth position.

Topping the shortest format standing is Australia, while England is second and India holding down the third spot.

In fourth place is Pakistan; South Africa is fifth, with New Zealand and Sri Lanka, sixth and seventh, respectively.

And, just ahead of the West Indies in eighth place is Bangladesh.

On the women’s side, the West Indies sits sixth in both ODI and Twenty/20 Internationals.

The ODI women’s table shows Australia at the top, followed by India, then England.

Tucking in fourth is New Zealand and South Africa is fifth.

Australia’s women also tops the T/20 list, which shows England – second, New Zealand – third, India – fourth and South Africa, fifth.