SVGCA Inc launches cricket aid fund
Dr Kishore Shallow president of SVGCA Inc
April 21, 2020

SVGCA Inc launches cricket aid fund

Forty–two local cricketers will benefit from St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Inc., which has launched a cricket aid fund.

Under the operations of the fund, two cricketers from each of the 21 teams participating in the three competitions under the aegis of the SVGCA Inc. will receive $250. This would cost the association $10,500.

The need for the fund was established because of the fall out, due to the corona–virus (covid-19) pandemic.

Currently, the SVGCA Inc. is overseeing three competitions, which are National Lotteries Authority Premier Division and First Division and the Women’s Super 40.

But apart from these competitions being put on hold because of the pandemic, some players have been left without an income, hence the decision of the SVGCA Inc.’s executive to start such an aid fund.

According to a release from the SVGCA Inc., the criteria for the selection of players have been communicated to the clubs, with all payments to be completed by this Wednesday, April 22.

The release also stated that president of SVGCA Inc, Dr. Kishore Shallow, said that the “gesture would hopefully help to cushion a bit of the challenge faced by local cricketers amid COVID-19”.

The SVGCA Inc. earlier this year assisted the St Clair Dacon Secondary School, by providing that educational institutions with a number of whiteboards.