TASVG joins in IDSDP observance
April 7, 2020

TASVG joins in IDSDP observance

Team Athletics SVG (TASVG), yesterday, Monday April 6, joined the rest of the world in observing the sixth edition of International Day of Sports for Development of Peace (IDSDP).

The observance comes in light of acknowledging that sport has a tremendous capacity to wage the kind of struggle the world needs to combat the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

President of Team Athletics SVG, Keith Joseph, in a message to observe the day, is urging all our stakeholders to adhere to the established protocols aimed at enhancing their capacity to defeat COVID-19.

 Meanwhile, President of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC), Bahamian Mike Sands, in contributing to the commemoration to IDSDP said: “In 2020, the global community is undoubtedly facing a unique challenge from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the sports community is no exception. While sport has great power to bring people together, this same quality is exactly why the global sports community has been particularly affected by the necessary health measures imposed in countries around the world”.

“Despite this challenge, IDSDP remains a great opportunity for the sport and development community to showcase the ways sport has been helping countries, communities and individuals to live peaceful, prosperous lives,” Sands affirmed.

Sands added that NACAC remains committed to facilitating sport as a vehicle for the development of communities given that our athletes all come from families that are part of communities and take with them in competition, their values and aspirations.