TASVG Technical Director offers advice to athletes
Chester Morgan
April 3, 2020

TASVG Technical Director offers advice to athletes

Chester Morgan, Technical Director of Team Athletics SVG, is calling on athletes to use the break in Track and Field actitivies, occasioned by the threats of the coronavirus (COVID-19), to better equipped themselves allround.

Cognisant that it is an unusual lay-off for athletes who were preparing for the local championships, as well as regional championships, Morgan has listed a number of activities which can keep them is physical and mental shape.
Among Morgan’s recommendations are for some simple exercises that athletes can do at home.

“You can also do little core programmes at home, such as cardio- rogrammes, where you can use 20 minutes walk and 10 seconds rest, do some jumping jacks, and do a lot of different combination exercises,” Morgan advises.

Morgan said that such programmes can be worked out between athletes and their coaches.

Continuing his advice to athletes, Morgan proffered: “You can also plan challenges with your fellow competitors or your club members, by doing like a push-up challenge, and other forms of competition and challenges among your peers, which also promote camadaerie”.

The Team Athletics SVG Technical Director is also proposing that athletes use the lay-off to broaden their knowledge of track and field, with the aid of the internet.

“This is a time where you can use the internet to read articles, watch videos, and see how much you can improve on your weaker areas that you have been dealing with for a long time, or some issues that you have recently discovered in your techniques… You can even watch over your races, or look at those athletes you admire most, and see what they do,” Morgan proposed.
On the mental side, Morgan related: “It’s also good to work your mental development to read about psychology in sports… Too, as athletes you have been training hard and need some emotional support, so now, you can use this time to spend with your family and see what you have been missing with the family”.

Morgan, though, is asking athletes to carry out the many health promotion practices which are designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He is therefore calling on athletes to “be safe”, and keep themselves physically amd mentally prepared for whenever track and field activities restart.