NSC to spend millions on sporting facilities in 2020
March 27, 2020

NSC to spend millions on sporting facilities in 2020

WITH ALL THINGS being equal, the National Sports Council will, in 2020, spend over $4 million on sporting facilities here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Disclosure of this projected expenditure was made last Saturday night, when Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture addressed the NLA National Sports Awards at the auditoriun of the SVG Community College.

“The National Sports Council, they would have available in excess of $4 million to upgrade the major sporting facility, the Arnos Vale Playing Field, as well as several facilities across St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Mc Kie revealed.

Earmarked to get attention are the 64 hard courts and 54 playing fields.

According to Mc Kie, “We want there to be no reason why any athlete, whatever discipline, will be able to say that we do not have a facility close to where we reside and therefore, we cannot practice and train and excel in our particular discipline,”, Mc Kie commented.

The attention paid to the sporting facilities, according to Mc Kie, is part of government’s commitment to serve adequately the sportsmen and women of the country.

“All of the sporting disciplines can admit that we have done work in their particular field, whether it be hard courts or playing fields,” Mc Kie stated.

These, he said, would complement the ongoing work done at the Diamond Estate, with the construction of the athletics track.

“One of the areas we have yearned to see improvements in, is the provision of a running track for the athletes of St Vincent and the Grenadines… And, today, we can announce that if you have been to Diamond, you will see the running track is well on track,” Mc Kie boasted.

The sports minister projected that the track is “well advanced” and will be laid in the “next couple of months”.

Mc Kie said that when completed and commissioned local athletes will have a track to run, prepare and fine-tune their skills and craft”.