The Windward Islands select Under-15 cricket team
December 23, 2019
Windwards U-15 cricket team named

Two Vincentians – Kodi Grant and Devonte Mc Dowall, have been named in a Windward Islands 14-man Under-15 team, for the 20/20 West Indies cricket tournament.

The team selected at the end of the 2019 Winlott Inc. Windward Islands tournament held here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and which concluded last Wednesday, also includes Grenadians in Rion Mitchell, Kirsten Murray, Kirt Murray, Rickell Sylvester, Kani Lewis, Justin John and Corey Celestine.

From LEFT: Devonte Mc Dowante, Zack Thomas, Kodi Grant

Meanwhile, Dominican Stephen Pascal, who is the team’s captain, has fellow countrymen- Kyne George, Jerlani Joseph and Jahson Vidal, making the team.

Completing the 14 is vice- captain, Khan Elcock, who is from St Lucia.

And, the four reserves are Zack Thomas ( St Vincent and the Grenadines), Arin Toussaint (Dominica), along with St Lucians – Tyler Venner and Isiah Jones.

The team’s manager and head coach will be named at a later date.