Three vying for SVGFF’s presidency
Left to Right: Carl Dickson , Marvin Fraser & Patrick Horne
November 22, 2019
Three vying for SVGFF’s presidency

Carl Dickson and Patrick Horne, are the two challengers to the sitting president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) – Marvin Fraser, when the organisation’s holds elections tomorrow at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.

All three candidates have put forward their ideas to woo the affiliates at tomorrow’s elections.

Carl Dickson

Placing emphasis on a ten-point plan, Dickson thinks that there are some fundamental issues that are obstructive to the progress of the sports.

“Administratively, the SVGFF level of professionalism is trending below acceptable standards, albeit talent exists amongst the grouping,” Dickson proffered.

He thus added, “There are allegations of misappropriation, erratic spending and a lack of accountability, while the coaching and refereeing departments lack capacity sufficient to effectively manage the workload during the competitive window for Club championships and are lagging behind the required benchmarks to develop the sport professionally and technically”.

According to Dickson, “Established and juvenile clubs continue to struggle with issues of financing operations and consistently run deficit budgets, which invariably fosters a dependency syndrome on the SVGFF”.

“A home for football remains a dream, while a proper structure for the development of football from the youth level up, both male and female, is woefully lacking … As a patriot, it is incumbent on me to do something to make a difference,” Dickson explained.

“I am therefore willing to lead from the front the process of transforming football in my country… My 30 years in banking, functioning at a senior management level of one of the main commercial banks in SVG, with extensive training in leadership, financial and money management and money laundering has prepared me to lead this transformation,” Dickson underscored.

Patrick Horne

Horne, who unsuccessfully contested the 2011 presidential elections of the SVGFF, is making another bid for the top post.

This time, Horne’s focus is on the “Game” itself.

Horne’s plans for St Vincent and the Grenadines, once he is elected, addresses the restructuring of club football.

He believes that every successful football nation must have a “well-organized, and highly competitive league structure”.

“Well organized clubs administratively and football-wise is imperative, so we must help the clubs to develop their internal structure and operating procedures, and CONCACAF offers seminars for this,” Horne proposed.

Horne therefore proffered, “Clubs are the game! Clubs develop the players and coaches, and with this comes stronger and more competitive league football”.

Horne too, wants to see a more professionally organised Premiere Division that is unparalleled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and must have the top clubs involved in highly competitive games every single weekend.

“The best players in the country should be involved in intense competition in every game… We must take care of the Game,” Horne re-emphasised.

Marvin Fraser

Seeking a full mandate, after being elevated to the presidency in August 2018, incumbent Marvin Fraser, has categorically stated that he has “delivered”.

“I promised inclusiveness, unity and progression and I have kept my word, while remaining humble in the face of adversity… I have served you, my family, and I have served football,” Fraser said.

“Those who may have questioned my ability to handle the challenges that lay ahead of me at the time of my election; I am assured by most that those doubts have been long erased from their thoughts,” Fraser added.

Reflecting on his tenure, Fraser underlined, “It has been a very dynamic and diverse time in football for us over the last year and three months… We have grown as an organisation, weathered the storms, faced the challenges and we have risen to be a stronger and proud footballing family”.

“I have had to, in my short time as president, make adjustments and basically reboot, reset and reprogram the footballing machine… I had to make necessary changes to the personnel driving essential parts of the machine in order to make steps towards the necessary product that I envisioned as a president,” Fraser advanced.

Fraser listed as one of the highlights of his period in charge of the SVGFF’s executive, has been the performance of the various national teams, especially the men’s senior outfit, Vincy Heat.

“The performances of the national teams at all levels of competitions, the support for the clubs and leagues, the cohesive work of the staff, coaches, educators and officials have all ensured that football returned to its rightful place as the top sport in St.Vincent and the Grenadines… Football has truly taken over,” Fraser pointed out.

“Yes that was the mission, that was my vision as President when you decided to put your trust in me a year ago and I have delivered,” Fraser ended.

Whilst the three are vying for the top post, Debson Cruicksank and Maxim James will be trying to unseat Otashie Spring in the first vice-president’s position.

But it will be a straight fight between Wayde Jackson and Wayne Grant for the second vice-president’s position, with Trevor Huggins, Sedley Jeffers, Elroy Boucher, Yosiah Dascent and Dwight Roberts contesting the third vice-president’s post.