Gomea Genesis One cricket team
August 16, 2019
Gomea Genesis One wins 10/10 cricket title

Gomea Genesis One was crowned the champions of the 2019 Crispin Taxi Service/ Gairy’s Construction Glad Tidings 10/10 boys’ competition, last Friday at the Dauphine Playing Field.

Top Belair made 49 all out in 9.5 overs. Mbeki King topscored with 25.

Bowling for Genesis One, Jeremy Martin picked off 3 for 7 and Luke Chandler had 2 for 12.

In response, Genesis reached 50 for 9. Dilondre Foster scored 22.

Bowling for Top Belair, Jaden Henry picked up 4 for 22 and Richard James, 2 for 1.