From left - Rawlson Morgan (coach), Diara Bascombe, Keanu Child, Riah Henson, Cody Bartley, Larissa John- manager / chaperone
August 2, 2019
SVG places sixteenth in NACAC age group championships

St Vincent and the Grenadines finished 16th overall of the 21 countries which took part in the North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) age group championships, in San Salvador, El Salvador, last Friday and Saturday.

Making up the Vincentian squad were Diara Bascombe, who competed in the girls’ Under-13 pentathlon, while Riah Henson contested the girls’ Under-15 heptathlon and Keanu Child and Cody Barley, in the boys’ Under-15 heptathlon.

Bascombe placed 21st out of 30 competitors, as she amassed 2152 points, while Henson was 27th out of 31. Henson’s points was 2805.

Child ended 25th of 31, with a total of 3895 points and Bartley was 22nd, with a points tally of 4026.

As a result, St Vincent and the Grenadines placed 15th of 18 in the girls’ pentathlon; 18th of 19th in the girls’ heptathlon and 10th of 18 in the boys’ heptathlon.

The girls’ pentathlon comprised of the 60m, high jump, ball throw, long jump and the 800m.

Meanwhile, the girls’ heptathlon involved the 80m, the 1000m, long jump, high jump, 60m hurdles, ball throw and shot putt, with the boys’ heptathlon made up of the 80m, 1200m, long jump, high jump, 80m hurdles, ball throw and shot putt.

Accompanying the St Vincent and the Grenadines team were coach Rawlson Morgan and manager/chaperone, La Rissa John.