Top Performers in Kiddy Cricket skills festival  receive awards
Nollene Sutherland (left) receives the award of ‘Most Outstanding Teacher’ from Dixton Findlay, deputy chief education officer
May 28, 2019

Top Performers in Kiddy Cricket skills festival receive awards

When the 2019 Scotia Bank Primary Schools’ Kiddy Cricket Skills Festival concluded last Wednesday at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex, the stand outs in the six areas of adjudication were rewarded.

Adjudged the best batsman was Romario Joseph of the Greiggs Government School.

Best all rounder Zack Thomas (left), accepts his award from Norman
Cumberbatch of Scotia Bank

South Rivers Methodist’s Keon Lewis copped the award of best bowler.

Accepting the best fielder accolade was Delecia Tesheira of the Georgetown Government, with Zack Thomas of the Overland Primary, taking the award of best all rounder.

The Overland Primary was named as the most disciplined team and Nollene Sutherland of the Georgetown Government got the award of most outstanding teacher.

Georgetown Government won the skills festival, dethroning the 2018 winners – Chateaubelair Methodist, into second place.

Best fielder – Delecia Tesheira

The Greiggs Primary was third. The other finalists in order of placing were the Overland Government, the Fair Hall Primary, the Cane End Government and the Sion Hill Government.

Next up for the Kiddy Cricket programme is the quiz competition.