All Windward football league returns June 1
Yosiah Dascent – interim chair of the All Windward football committee
May 24, 2019

All Windward football league returns June 1

After some years of absence, the All Windward inter-league football competition will return.

The competition is set to open on June 1, at the London Playing Field in Sandy Bay.

Nine league teams stashed in two zones are registered to seek honours.

In Zone A are Greiggs, North East, North Windward and Diamonds, with Marriaqua, Calliaqua, Brighton, Stubbs and Biabou, making up Zone B.

Three matches are carded for the opening.

Biabou play Calliaqua from 3:30 p.m.; North East versus Greiggs from 5 p.m. and North Windward entertain Diamonds from 7 p.m.

Interim chair of the organizing committee Yosiah Dascent revealed that the opening matches will be played under lights, utilizing the available portable lights.

He disclosed that the London Playing Field, the Cane End Playing Field, Chili Playing Field, Calliaqua, Brighton and Stubbs.

The All Windward inter-league competition will run until July.