Schools’ cricket final hit by walk off
MEMBERS OF THE Georgetown Secondary School, prematurely making their way off the field last Wednesday
April 12, 2019
Schools’ cricket final hit by walk off

THE FINAL OF the Massey Insurance Secondary Schools’ Cricket Competition, came to a premature end last Wednesday at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, when players of the Georgetown Secondary School’s team were ordered off the field by their coach and physical education teacher Irvine Warrican.

The walk-off came in the 18th over, with Emmanuel High School Mespo at 72 for 3, in search of 140 to win.

But Emmanuel High School Mespo, got an unexpected gift, when their opponents chose their course of action.

Warrican’s bone of contention was the “no- ball” call by umpire Dale Michael when Georgetown Secondary infringed by having more than the stipulated number of players outside the 30-yard circle.

IRVINE WARRICAN (right) explaining his actions to the Georgetown Secondary School’s principal- Ron Clarke last Wednesday at the Arnos Vale Playing Field

“We did not play that all season, then all of a sudden, no-ball for x-amount of man out ah circle,” Warrican contended.

He also argued that he was not aware of the playing conditions, which involved the use of the 30-yard circle.

“The only thing we know is that if you bowl a noball, is a free hit… All of a sudden, you bawling no ball for man outside the circle,” Warrican ranted.

Warrican also argued that his team did not play with the 30-yard circle and the power play in any of his team’s preliminary round matches.

His claims were confirmed by umpire Dillon Child who told SEARCHLIGHT that the circle and the other fielding restrictions were non–existent in the matches which he officiated.

Child, who umpired Georgetown Secondary’s semi-final match against Troumaca Secondary, reiterated that the circle was not used at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

However, it was confirmed that the circle was used at some venues, including the semi- final match which involved the Emmanuel High School Mespo and the Sandy Bay Secondary School, played at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field.

And, Warrican’s assertion that he was unaware of the presence and use of the 30yard circle, was vehemently refuted by both umpires Michael and Kamon Greene.

THE EMMANUEL HIGH School cricket team

Michael told SEARCHLIGHT that he heard Warrican bellowing to captain Carmalo Cain to adhere to the fielding restrictions in the second “power play”.

Michael said that while Cain was at the crease in the Georgetown Secondary School’s innings, he [Cain] inquired about the power plays’ duration.

“The captain was aware that we were playing power plays… Once you signal power play, you know that we are using the circle,” Michael related.

“Two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle and four in the second power play,” Michael informed.

Michael and Greene concurred that both team captains were informed before the start of last Wednesday’s final of the use of the circle, which meant that there would have been some fielding implications.

Secretary of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Inc. Samuel Holder, who was on hand last Wednesday, and witnessed the unfolding of events, described the situation as “unfortunate”.

“It was unfortunate for the coach of the Georgetown Secondary School to order players off the field… If he had an interpretation of the rule… there are officials from the Ministry (of Education) here, they had the match officials here and both principals are here,” Holder contended.

“He (Warrican) should have lodged a complaint, and try to solve the problem, instead of taking the players off the field … It doesn’t look good for conduct for a school and persons who are supposed to be in charge of youngsters and their development,” Holder proffered.

The match When the match got going, Georgetown Secondary batted first, and were dismissed for 139 in 29. 2 overs. Camarlo Cain topscored with 38.

Bowling for Emmanuel High Mespo, Rod Collins took 4 for 38, Bradley Abraham, 2 for 23, Romando Browne, 2 for 31 and Enrique Grant, 2 for 34.

Emmanuel High School was 72 for 3 in 17.3 overs, with Jarrell Edwards was 24 not out and Romando Browne unbeaten on 16.

The pair had stitched up their team’s response with a 47-run partnership, coming together at 25 for 3.

Reports are that the Emmanuel High School will be presented with the winning trophy on Monday at a brief ceremony to be held at their school.