Defending premier division champions beaten
Hope International’s Enrique Millington prepares to make a pass in the second half of last Saturday’s premier division matches of the National Club Championships, at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field
October 16, 2018
Defending premier division champions beaten

Avenues United, the title holders of the premier division of the national club championships, got an early warning sign last Saturday at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field.

Pitted against Hope International, Avenues United slipped to a 2-0 defeat.

One of Hope International’s new intakes, Valdo Anderson, netted in the 48th minute and Wendell Cuffy added the second in the 56th minute.

That encounter was the second of the afternoon, as the 2018/2019 premier and first division segments kicked off.

In the opening match, a brace from Carlos Solomon and one apiece from Curlan Joseph and Jerome Dopwell, handed System Three a 4-2 win over Bequia United.

Roger Miller and Mark Browne, scored for Bequia United.

Other premier division results on the weekend, Sion Hill edged out Pride and Joy, 3-2, at Arnos Vale Two on Sunday and Je Belle swamped SV United 5-0, at the same venue.

At Campden Park on Sunday, Camdonia-Chelsea beat Largo Height 1-0, so too did North Leeward Predators over BESCO-Pastures.

All 12 teams were engaged in last weekend’ first round.

This year’s premier division, will see the 12 club/teams, playing each other twice, hence, each club/ team would have 22 matches.

An undertaking of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF), this year’s premier division will see an increased pay out.

Although the prize monies have not been disclosed, the secretariat of the SVGFF has indicated there will be an increase.

Previous winners of the premier division received $10,000.