Greiggs playing field  welcomes wash room facility
September 18, 2018
Greiggs playing field welcomes wash room facility

The Greiggs Central Playing Field, and more so persons who participate in sporting and cultural activities in that vicinity, have received a much needed facility – a washroom.

In the works for many years, the facility was opened last Sunday.

Located in close proximity to the Old Greiggs School, the washroom facility will serve primarily players of the Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem cricket tournament.

However, the facility is also open to the general public, but who has to pay a user fee.

Sea Operations SVG Limited, area representative for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar and Israel Bruce are the benefactors of the facility, with Sea Operations SVG Limited, being the main provider of the finances.

Members of the Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem, pose in front of the washroom facility at Greiggs

Caesar, who was one of the speakers at last Sunday’s opening, urged the users to care for the facility.

“Building a facility is one thing; taking care of it is a totally different thing,” Caesar related.

Continuing his plea for care, Caesar added, “I want to encourage all of us, this is not a facility for Greiggs, it is a facility for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Speaking on behalf of Sea Operations SVG Limited, Korando Pierre, echoed sentiments similar to Caesar.

“My boss Mr Errol Sutherland and the staff of Sea Operations SVG Limited, are happy that this dream of a washroom facility has become a reality and we hope that all users will have some sense of pride to upkeep and to protect it from human destructive elements,” Pierre said.

Meanwhile, Teressia Israel, who spoke on behalf of her husband Israel Bruce, also requested users to care for the washroom.

“Everyone must do all they can to take care of this washroom facility… show respect to the management team,” Israel stated.

The washroom facility was a burning matter for some time in Greiggs, and according to president of Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem Bradley Woods, “This was just an idea, a dream … This dream has come true”.

With the washroom facility achieved, focus will shift to other projects, inclusive of the refurbishing of the Old Greiggs School, to provide additional social, infrastructural and aesthetic development in the community.