Zefal Bailey gets another podium finish in Antigua
Zefal Bailey is at left, At center is Robert Marsh and right; Emmanuel Gayral
June 22, 2018
Zefal Bailey gets another podium finish in Antigua

A crash during the second lap, a change of wheels, and having to catch up on the main pack after being three minutes behind, did not prevent top Vincentian cyclist Zefal Bailey from finishing second in last Sunday’s Pares circuit race in Antigua.

Bailey’s clocking over the 56-mile event, was two hours 51 minutes 18.93 seconds.

He however had to trail Robert Marsh to the finish line. Marsh’s winning time was two hours 50 minutes 06.78 seconds.

It was Marsh and Bailey who were involved in the spill, but the veteran cyclist’s recovery and repairs were quicker, thus gaining a lead on Bailey.

Taking the third place was Emmanuel Gayral, who had taken advantage of Marsh and Bailey’s delay, as he went ahead in the early stages of the eight laps of the circuit.

Gayral’s time was two hours 51 minutes 21.39 seconds.

Just outside a podium finish was another Vincentian, Samuel Lyttle, who was fourth in two hours 54 minutes 37.05 seconds.

This Sunday the SVG Cycling Union will host its national championships.

The race begins at the SVG Automotive Gas Station, located at Bentick Square in Kingstown, with cyclists journeying to Langley Park and back to the Arnos Vale Round-a-bout.

From there, the elite competitors will make the round-a-bout to Diamond loop thrice and the seniors, once. All competitors finish at the Sion Hill Intersection.

Sunday’s race begins at 1:30 p.m.