‘We are building’ – Sion Hill netball team coach
Sion Hill junior netball team Division four netball champions. Coach – Michelle Wiseman-Sam is standing at left.
June 15, 2018
‘We are building’ – Sion Hill netball team coach

Having been crowned double winners of division four of the FLOW national netball club tournament, Sion Hill Junior Netball team is seen as the building block for the return of a formidable senior Sion Hill netball team.

Projecting this was coach of the team Michelle Wiseman-Sam.

“We are starting with these players and are building through them,” Wiseman–Sam said last Tuesday.

Not getting ahead of herself and expectations, Wiseman said that hopefully the present division four team will progress sufficiently to progress into a senior outfit. But Wiseman–Sam was cautious in putting a time frame for the transitioning of the players.

Sion Hill Junior Netball team, last Tuesday at the Kingstown Netball Centre, trounced Island Blends Success Radio 34-5, in the final of the division’s knock-out competition.

Tuesday’s dismantling of their opponents in the final, was in similar vein to their dispatch of all comers against Sion Hill, in this year’s competition.

Sion Hill therefore played unbeaten in division four, to be the first team thus far to have already secured double titles in the tournament.

Winners in the competitions in the other divisions, one, two and three are yet to be determined.