The modern long jump facility is the brainchild of Orde Ballantyne (left), seen here in conversation with Woodrow Williams at last Wednesday’s opening
May 22, 2018
New lateral jumps facility opens at the Grammar School Playing Field

A redone sand pit, coupled with a 45-metre run-up, make up a new lateral jumps facility at the Grammar School Playing Field.

Completed at the cost of $19 000, the new facility’s finance was sourced by Orde Ballantyne, a former national athlete.

Ballantyne revealed that his suggestion to refurbish and enhance the jumping pit, was readily supported by the local track and field body Team Athletics SVG.The facility was opened last Wednesday afternoon, with a brief ceremony and the cutting of the ribbon, done by Ernesto Cooke, who represented one of the major donors, Deron Grant.

The new facility, which is said to have met “international standards”, will be the host for some of Team Athletics SVG’s jumps events.Schools which are located in the area, are expected to be the prime users of the new facility, designed for the long and triple jumps.