President of the SVGBF – Wayne Williams
May 8, 2018
Basketball head wants changes to National Sports Awards’ format

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation (SVGBF) Wayne Williams, wants to see some changes come to the National Sports Awards, to reflect more recognition of all sporting disciplines.
Williams made his sentiments known as he addressed the awards ceremony of the SVG Cycling Union, at the Xpert Computer Centre conference room, recently.

“I feel that once an affiliate has events in the respective categories, then the National Sports Council (at the National Sports Awards) should at least mention the name of the sport… At least an honourable mention,” Williams proposed.

“Even if it is done prior to the awards, as a build up to the ceremony, at least the persons will be recognised as the top performer for their discipline, in that category,” Williams added.

Taking a look at his discipline, Williams related that his organisation put on several competitions in 2017, yet no one who was on show in basketball was nominated, or even mentioned, at the National Sports Awards, staged April 21, at the SVG Community College’s auditorium.
The current format of the National Sports Awards, sees the National Sports Council appointing a team of judges, who monitor the performances during the year.

These judges would short-list these top performers in the various categories for adjudication.
The judges select the Junior Sportsman of the Year, the Junior Sportswoman of the Year, the Senior Sportswoman, the Senior Sportsman, along with the Coach of the Year and the Association of the Year.

The SVGBF president stated that with the disparity in the resources of some national sporting associations, some would always have an “advantage”, to compete in tournaments and otherwise.

Over the years, the annual recognition of sportsmen and women, has gone through several changes, with some based on recommendations from persons outside the National Sports Council, the organisers of the National Sports Awards.

President of the SVGBF – Wayne Williams