Khalil Cato getting into coaching groove
January 13, 2017
Khalil Cato getting into coaching groove

At least one of the newly certified Level One track and field coaches has begun to put his newfound knowledge into practice.

Khalil Cato, a former national athlete and Olympian, was among the 19 coaches who received their International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Coaches Education Certification System (CECS) last December. He has since been practising his craft with seasoned coach Godfrey Harry.

Cato said that coaching track and field was always his passion.

“I always wanted to get into coaching, but my previous jobs did not allow me the time to do so,” Cato told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said that he is willing to learn as much as possible from the senior coaches in track and field.

Trinidadian Ian Carter, one of the instructors at the recent Level One course, along with president of Team Athletics SVG had recommended that the new coaches work with the practising coaches as mentors.

This, they said, would ensure some continuity in coaching and help reduce the rate of fall-off in certified coaches.

The attrition rate among the Level One track and field coaches has been a cause for concern for many years here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It has become a common practice for persons to become certified as coaches, but never align themselves with schools, community groups or clubs, to continue to enhance their knowledge and that of the athletes in the sport.(RT)