Another Vincentian athlete set for US college
January 6, 2017
Another Vincentian athlete set for US college

Kimorie Shearman will soon be pursuing physical education, coaching and teaching at the Wiley College, after being accepted on the strength of his academic and athletic prowess.

Shearman, 24, who specializes in the 200m and 400m, said he was able to gain acceptance “after constantly being on the ‘net searching for colleges” to accept him.

A national athlete who has attended several regional and international meets, with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, 2014, being his highlight, Shearman said he was grateful for the opportunity to further his athletics training and at the same time, enhance his education standings.

Shearman noted that it was not an easy road for him, as he always wanted “to get out”, but acknowledged, “Nothing happens before its time.”

One who has learnt to keep the faith, Shearman said that it could be a challenge for young Vincentians to remain optimistic.

“There is no Vincentian athlete out there making times on the big stage and we do not have anyone to look up to, but you still have to keep the faith,” Shearman commented.

Shearman said that being a member of the Michael Ollivierre–led IT- DAT Academy has prepared him for his new beginning, a new environment and new experience.

Shearman joins Kasique Oliver and Kemroy Cupid- Prince as other members of the IT-DAT Academy, who in recent times, have gone on to further their athletics careers in the US.

Wiley College is a private, historically black liberal arts college, located on the west side of Marshall, Texas. It was founded in 1873 by Bishop Isaac Wiley and certified in 1882 by the Freedman’s Aid Society.(RT)