Hillocks chides  Hope International’s hierarchy, SVGFF
January 5, 2016
Hillocks chides Hope International’s hierarchy, SVGFF

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) and football club Hope International came in for some criticism from Nelson Hillocks, director of Physical Education and Sports at the 20th anniversary cocktail and awards ceremony celebrations of the football club.

Taking to the podium at the Haddon Hotel at Mc Kies Hill, Hillocks, who stood in for Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie remarked: “I am disappointed for two reasons. One, that you have done so well … It is 20 years and it is a hidden secret… The whole of St Vincent should have been aware that Hope is celebrating 20 this year and I am disappointed that we don’t know this.”

Even in his commendation of Hope International for staying intact for 20 years, Hillocks commented, “You are an example for the rest of us…. You are an example for the rest organizations in St Vincent and you are leading … You need to let us know and you need to set the pace.”

In taking his swipe at the SVGFF, Hillocks contended, “I am disappointed that as a pace setter that no one from the Football Federation is here tonight…. It is an insult and I am prepared to take the licks for it…. They should have been here to show their solidarity and their support … I thought we were bigger than that.”

Hillocks had prefaced his chiding of the SVGFF by reminding those present that Hope International’s manager and headman Roddy Dowers made an unsuccessful bid in November to unseat Venold Coombs as president of the national football body.

In defence, Coombs told SEARCHLIGHT that he had heard of Hope International’s intentions to host the function, but got “no official invitation”.

Coombs said he was also aware that a telephone call came to office of the general secretary of the SVGFF Raymond Trimmingham inquiring if anyone from the organization was attending the function.

The local football boss noted that had anyone from Hope International’s set-up contacted him personally, he would have attended.(RT)