May 22, 2015
Cammie Adams outrides competitors in 52-mile road race

The shifting of fortunes in races put on by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union continued last Sunday, when Cammie Adams took the 52-mile race.{{more}}

Adams went almost unchallenged in the Union’s twelfth event for 2015, completing the distance in three hours, 1 minute, beating his nearest rival Lucky Antrobus by over four minutes.

Antrobus’ time was three hours, five minutes, 28.24 seconds. Trailing them was Zefal Bailey, in three hours, five minutes, 28.71 seconds.

Adams, who sported a new bike in the race, looked the most determined over the 13 laps of the Ratho Mill to Arnos Vale Roundabout circuit.

Docking fourth overall, but first in the Masters category, was Peter Durrant, in three hours, five minutes, 27.87 seconds.

Two other veterans also were next in line, as Randy Wilkinson, three hours, seven minutes and Orel George, who clocked three hours, 20 minutes, came in fifth and sixth respectively.

In the Junior category, Bradley Charles was first, in one hour, 52 minutes, 15 seconds.

Casnell Duncan, in one hour, 52 minutes, 19 seconds, was second and third was Samuel Lyttle in one hour, 52 minutes, 26 seconds, as the three sprinted to the finish line.

The Juniors did 28 miles or seven laps of the course.

The lone mountain bike cyclist, Okyra Sylvester, finished his 28 miles in two hours, 11 minutes.

Cyclists will take to the road again in competitive action on May 31.