April 17, 2015
‘Women’s football in the Windwards coming of age’ – coach Bramble

“Women’s Football in the Windwards is no longer a kick about.” That is the assessment of coach of the successful St Vincent and the Grenadines outfit Andrew Bramble, after being impressed with the standard of play displayed by the four islands – Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and host St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

“The tournament was good … It is a big plus for Windward Islands football … It is a big development for Windward Islands female football…. Gone are the days when it was just a kick around and some of the teams did not even have a team,” Bramble reflected.

“The standard has risen by leaps and bounds… There is improved coaching … There is greater support staff,” the Vincentian coach added.

He projected that no longer will the larger Caribbean islands, like Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, be able to run over the four islands and inflict large margins of defeat on them, as has been the case in the past.

And, with the development taking place in women’s football in the four Windward Islands territories, Bramble expects the member associations to begin to put greater emphasis on that gender in the sport.

“All that is needed now is for the member associations to understand that this is something that they can ride on and put the necessary backing behind it … the true funds that is suppose to go to women,” Bramble advanced.

Zooming in on his charges’ efforts on the three nights at the Victoria Park, Bramble said, “I was generally satisfied with the standard of play of the girls, given the way they were prepared.”

He revealed that several of the players had to juggle practice with school, as some are preparing as well for external examinations, while some are young mothers.

“The girls worked hard and the effort was rewarding for them… The preparation came to a head at the right time and the team peaked at the right time,” Bramble evaluated.

St Vincent and the Grenadines played unbeaten in the tournament, finishing with seven points from their three matches.

The Vincentians defeated Dominica 1-0, before drawing 2-2 with St Lucia, then closed off with a one-nil win over Grenada.

Bramble, however, stated that the Dominicans were their toughest rivals and in hindsight, he was glad that they were his team’s first opponents.

He conceded they were the most technically able among the lot.

The triumphant St Vincent and the Grenadines team included: Akira Samuel (captain), Amallis Marshall, Shadel Cyrus, Hollester Browne, Kandis Franklyn, Teffie Ann Browne, Asha Richards, Darie Ann Duncan, Geziel Wilson, Chryslyn Browne, Kasilda James, Jessica Miller, Shelley Browne, Coreen Yorke, Roxanne Hannaway, Annesta Richards, Ayrel Lewis and Shann Perry.(RT)